Property Line Stakings & Certified Plot Plans

Accurately determining  property lines begins with review of deeds and plans. This is usually conducted based on documents on file at the Registry of Deeds or at the local Assessor’s Office.  After appropriate research and calculations are completed, a field survey is conducted to determine the boundaries of a property and if necessary, locate the structures on the property.  This survey can be utilized stake the property lines or prepare a Certified Plot Plan.


Property Line Staking

Often property owners have only a general idea of where their property begins and ends.  A property line staking involves setting survey monuments at lot corners and additional markers at set intervals along the property lines.  Upon completion it is possible to stand on the lot and visibly see the exact location of property lines

Certified Plot Plan

Prior to the issuance of a building permit many communities require that a Certified Plot Plan be prepared and endorsed by a Professional Land Surveyor.  Preparation of the plan requires the Surveyor to establish the property boundaries and locate the structures on the property.  Generally, the plan is prepared to show the approving authority that the structure will meet the setbacks required by the community’s zoning regulations.


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